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    Hey guys. I'm kinda in a hurry and I have to pick between those 3 phones till tomorrow and I don't know which one is the best.

    I'll tell you, what I find useful in those 3 phones:

    Nokia X6
    Nokia X6 - Full phone specifications
    Phone has 16 gb of internal hard drive which I find very useful, since I like listening to music a lot. I have most experience with Nokia phones.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - Full phone specifications
    Samsung has Android, and I never used Android before and I'm interested in it. I also heard that the phone is fast, which I like.

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz
    Sony Ericsson Vivaz - Full phone specifications
    This phone records in 720p which I like a lot, but unfortunately I've heard it's a bit slow phone and also kind of unresponsive.

    Guys I really don't know what to pick. I have to choose fast. Which one is the best, help.

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    Re: Which of those 3 phones is the best

    From what it looks, you're better off getting the Samsung Galaxy Ace. If you haven't tried Android before, you should. Although the 720p video recording capability of the Vivaz is really tempting it's not enough to burden yourself with a slow and unresponsive phone.

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