I need to replace my current, damaged phone (Sony Ericsson w580i).

I'm with AT&T but not under contract; Verizon also works well here.

I have an old HTC T-Mobile Dash that I can supposedly unlock for around $40.

I need a phone that syncs with a computer and has the standard address book, calendar, alarm, and calculator -- and is as robust as the Dash (the Sony Ericcson flies apart at the smallest bump, then is terribly loose once put back together).

(Optionally, I'd love to use it as a remote control, like it's so easy to do with an iPhone, but that's probably just a dream).

I want to stay at my current price per month - NO DATA PLAN.

I need to spend $50 or less on the phone.

Any ideas? Would the old Dash work without AT&T automatically adding a data plan? I've read other posts, but the information seems conflicting.


Cindy Rae

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