Hey guys. I want to continue the contract with my provider and I want to buy a new cell phone along the way. This two (Nokia C6 & LG Optimus GT540) are the ones that I can afford at the moment but seeing that they both had advantages and disadvantages one from another (LG has 600MHz CPU - Nokia has 434mMHz; LG has 320 x 480 screen resolution - Nokia has 360 x 640), I couldn't choose between them. I thought someone who has more experience with this two could help me with my decision so I posted here.

Anyway I love viewing good quality videos on my cell phone, doing some web browsing, having some nice apps but nothing TOO special and I'm not interested in a high quality camera.

I need to get my cell phone as soon as 20th of may.

Thanks ahead for any ideas
(Sorry for any grammar mistakes)

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