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    Hi all,

    this seems to be a great forum! I am carefully hopeful that some of you knowledgeable people here might be able to help me find the information and, ultimately, the phone I am looking for. So far, I haven't got very far with my search quest.

    Bought a phone years ago in a hurry and regretted it ever since - the Motorola Razr V3 was a major pain pretty much in any aspect, especially the completely unlogical user-interface, but also many other things. It cost me hours and hours of my time over these two years, and even more of my nerves.

    I'm looking for a new phone now, and I don't want to make that mistake again. I have spent a few hours working my way through the internet, but it seems extremely difficult to find the phone which best ticks my desired boxes - so I would very much appreciate if anyone with more overview in this field could spare a few minutes to help me.

    These are the things that are extremely important to me:

    1. Non-slide, non-flip design, just a "brick" with no moving parts

    2. Quad band (use in New Zealand / Australia, Europe, US and Asia)

    3. Charging and data via Mini USB, possibly Micro USB. No exceptions.

    4. Logical and easy to use interface.

    5. Long standby time.

    6. Long talk time.

    7. Good performance in weak coverage areas.

    8. No reliability issues especially with buttons, sound, microphone.

    9. No other known issues that I would need to baby sit.

    10. Has been on the market for at least 6, better 12 months.

    These are my nice-to-have's:

    A. Waterproof / splash proof

    B. Dual sim

    C. Pocket friendly form factor (no pointy corners, rounded shapes)

    D. Small size (not that important)

    E. Available under 100 dollars (if possible...)

    Even without the nice-to-have's, that seems to be a rare combination of features. So far I haven't found any phone that comes reasonably close and is available to buy in New Zealand or for a reasonable price off shore online.

    THANKS HEAPS for any advice or pointers!


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    Re: Which phone ticks these boxes? Any help appreciated!

    Sounds like the Blackberry Tour might be a good fit: BlackBerry Tour - Phone Database - Cell Phone Forums. I had this phone forever and it really stood up to wear and tear and had a great battery.
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