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    I have the Casio G'zOne Boulder - Orange

    It was working perfectly, then all of a sudden it will not charge the complete cycle. Never really used the charging port because I have the Base Charger you just drop the phone into and it charges it. VZW Refused to exchange it, wants me to "Upgrade" and renew my contract.

    Please Help..

    Firmware Update?

    Call Casio?

    Please Advise.

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    Re: Battery not completing charging cycle

    That's odd - will it hold the charge it does get? I would try a new battery.

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    Re: Battery not completing charging cycle

    I agree. the first thing to consider is that maybe it's a battery issue

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    Re: Battery not completing charging cycle

    Unfortunately it is NOT the battery or the charger... I have several batteries (standard and large) and same result from all of them. I have even let them run dry completely for several days then charge for at least 16 hours but when I turn the phone on it indicates no battery life. A couple weeks ago I was at least getting a couple bars of battery life but now nothing. An earlier boulder I used to have never had this problem. My son had an LG once with the same problems. My guess is the problem lies within the phone itself. I bought my latest version via the web to bypass Verizon and not have to sign another contract and didn't get their insurance so I think I'm out of luck on this one. This particular online dealership only gives a 30 day warranty but I've had the phone for at least 40. Wish I had better news to give you, I'm hoping somebody out there knows how to fix this problem.

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