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    I have a son that is going off to high school next year. Naturally, he will be on his own between school and home from then on.

    I'm worried about SAR radiation. The problem is the radiation happens even with texting. He also needs something that is isn't going to break easily from drops or die because of water, because he plays sports.

    From what I can tell, Motorola's Defy has rather high radiation (1.5W/kg) so that's out of the question. Motorola's Tundra VA76r has 1.320 W/Kg.

    I looked at the Samsung Rugby II as well, it has 0.52-1.1 SAR according to websites. Motorola i686 has 0.59 SAR; the i680 has 0.59 as well. The Sanyo Taho has a SAR of 0.61 and it's a really basic phone, so I don't think he will use it.

    Casio G'zOne Ravine has 0.53 W/Kg. The Brigade is rather large, so it probably won't be a good idea.

    (reference: The 10 Best Rugged Cell Phones | PCMag.com)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. If there's no such phone, he'll get an Samsung Captivate or something with low radiation (according to Cell Phone Radiation - CellRisk.com) and we'll try to look for a rugged case and a Bluetooth headset. I'd much rather it be a basic phone with texting so I don't need to pay for data plans though. The benchmark for "low radiation" that I'm using is the Iphone 3G (0.79W.kg). I figure that is the most common one used by people in high school these days.

    It's a plus if it doesn't need any special chargers: i.e. it can use a standard micro usb one like my Blackberry.

    See More: Is there anything that meets these requirements?
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