Hi, i'm very happy i found this forum, i've been looking around online to see if i could find information, and advice about a cell phone issue i'm having. in July 2010, i switched to Virgin Mobile pre-paid, i love their prices, and the unlimited texting is really nice, and the cell phone brand i got, is the Virgin Mobile Kyocera Jax. i got it for only $10, and really love the cell phone. i call my friend every wednesday and friday night, she and i watch tv together while we talk on the phone, from July through April, i could sit right here in my computer room, watching tv, and my service/signal worked great, but in May, i began to notice that the call would sometimes drop, and sometimes it can be hard to hear me on the phone. i first thought it was Virgin Mobile, and that it would be fixed soon, but it has continued. my phone works great outside, but it's not working good here in my computer room.

just recently, in May, we got new comcast digital cable boxes, and i was wondering, could that signal be interfering with my cell phone signal? or could it be that i need a new cell phone/battery? any advice, information about this issue i would greatly appreciate so much. Thank you for reading. i hope you are having a peaceful day.

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