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    I want to buy a phone which I can run native linux programs on it and can do multitasking(like opening several terminals at once).
    I already found N900 which has Maemo 5 on it which can do above. I can also install ubuntu on it, too.
    I've heard that I can also install Ubuntu on android devices.
    What is the best phone for me? N900 with Maemo? or with Ubuntu? or any other android device with ubuntu?
    Do I have any other options?
    And the having a keyboard, touchscreen, wireless lan are needed, too. The camera or things like that are not much important.
    By the way, I don't have any problem with bying phones out of stock(like N900).

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    Re: Which phone will work best for me?

    It seems N900 is the best for you, and I never heard any android mobile phone can install Ubuntu...

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    Re: Which phone will work best for me?

    or n9 is also a great choice and it's a lot newer compared to the N900, it's actually already showing up as coming soon on timtechs so it may not be a long wait anymore. No idea about the Ubuntu part though, sorry

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