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    My boyfriend is looking to get a new phone. He likes the idea of a smart phone but just cannot justify the extra cost associate with something he really doesn't feel he needs. He is looking for a good phone that has the following features. Clear calls, is easy to text with (prefers a full keyboard), has a decent camera, and a GPS would be nice. One thing he's had before and made a lot of use out of was a voice recordin feature with the ability to store more than 30 seconds of voice recordings (as my last several phones have). Any one have any suggestions? He's not married to any one carrier, he is currently with MetroPCs, his phone now is a little peice of garbage. I've been researching phones but so many of the non smart phones get poor reviews! Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Re: Looking for a good Non-Smart Phone

    How about the Blackberry Javelin 8900 Curve, not a very good camera phone but it's a quad-band, Wi-Fi and EDGE smartphone with GPS with aGPS

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