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    How many times have you wanted your cell phone more visible on your desk instead of laying flat where you can't really see what is going on like incoming messages etc. Or to use as a clock or weather station? Check this out. You can make most phones work on this stand:

    Since I can't find anything local made for my Dell Streak 5, here is a tilt-stand I found at the Barnes & Noble book store.
    Perfect size for it with the gap for the cable/cord at the bottom.
    It is a stand for small paperback books. $13 Barnes & Noble.

    Here is the info on getting yours:

    Barnes & Noble sells our silver-black Bookhug™ in stores and online (look for a blue-silver box in stores).
    We sell both our silver-black Bookhug , and our violet-plum Bookhug online at: http://www.bookhug.com , accepting payment by PayPal.
    We're getting good feedback from customers who really like our Bookhug to hold their KINDLES and other eReaders, notebook computers, and more--even framed pictures. Some people put a small piece of craft foam to the inside of Bookhug's tabs to protect their 'electronics' (double-sided tape would hold the foam in place).
    Cell phone stand

    For those of you in Europe, you can order it here from Serious Readers:

    I have a violet-plum Bookhug coming and will post pictures of that when I get it.

    See More: A neat desk stand for your Cell phone!
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