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    My contract is up with ATT and I would like to try to find a phone that is on par with the Iphone. I heard the Samsung Galaxy 2 is a very good phone. My opnly problem is that the phone I buy now will probably be blown away by the IPone 5.

    Any suggestions on what is better than the iphone or almost more impossibly to make a call on what will be better than the IP5? Thanks very much

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    Re: Wanna Ditch Iphone

    What service do you think you want to go with? There are several Android phones that are out that are all very comparable to the iphone. If you want Verizon definitely check out the 4g phones (if you have 4g in your area with Verizon). LG Revolution, Droid Charge, or HTC Thunderbolt.

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    Re: Wanna Ditch Iphone

    Well Samsung GS2 would make a good alternative for the iPhone4. Of course it will be overshadowed by the iPhone 5, and in the same way the iPhone 5 will also more likely be overshadowed by one really great new Android device. That's just the way it is. But as long as you are satisfied with your phone and it works well for you I think this is what really matters

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