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    I currently have an archos 5 internet tablet (5" screen android based tablet), basic samsung candybar phone (which i am otherwise perfectly happy with) and a seperate small 8gig mp3 player as the archos doesnt really work as a music player all that well.
    I am getting tired of carrying around all these devices with me so id like to sell them and buy one thing that can carry out all the functions.

    still, most of these are pretty old so my budget isint that great, but im going to list what im looking for in a phone and hopefully some good ones will come to mind that do what i need and no more! (i am in eu so prices might complicate things)

    i am looking for: (essential)
    -android based phone
    -funtions well as an mp3 player, has a 3.5mm jack, micro sd slot

    (hope doesnt make to expensive)
    -has a nice screen, aswell as keyboard, wifi, and a nice web browser (web browsing and android apps are all i use my archos for, so its useless without wifi without a cell phone to tether to, id like to remove the middle man)

    -looks good, weight/size not all that important as it will only be weighing down one pocket as opposed to two so will feel compartively light anyway.

    camera is not that important as i rarely use the one on my current phone anyway
    other functionallity not important.

    So, what price am i looking at?or even better anyone got a phone recommendation?

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    Re: Best low end android phone?

    Motorola Defy
    Motorola Charm
    LG Optimus One (P500)
    choose from them

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