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    Hey there - I don't know anything about cell phones - I've been doing a little research but I'm a little overwhelmed.

    I live in British Columbia Canada.

    What I'm looking for is a Pay As You Go phone capable of texting from either the US or Canada

    Something like the 7-11 program would be perfect except your phone turns into a rock the second you cross the border.

    As far as rates go my priority would be #1 texting - then data (like Facebook) - and lastly voice as an emergency

    Does such a product exist?


    EDIT - perhaps I'm missing something obvious here - now I understand there are roaming charges when you are outside of your local area. I understand that only certain carriers offer roaming in the US. However everything I read about is just voice calls.

    What I want to know about is the ability to send a text to an email account or something like Facebook or Twitter - how does that work with roaming - I just can't find this sort of information on the carrier websites.

    See More: Looking for a Canadian Phone to Text from US
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