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Lg p500> S Galaxy, Xperia x10, Milestone 2 or LG Optimus Versus Black> Galaxy s2, Atrix Motorola, Lg optimus 2x and more ...


Immediate access to Facebook, MSN, Twitter, social networks, websites and forums with ease in
visualizaçãoe typing, viewing pictures and watching videos of news "different
sites "with speed and quality acceptable (no crashes), you know = D stay updated and Open
edit text documents (World, Excel, Power Point, PDF) and a few things more than usual
Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, CAMERA at least 3.2 mp, mp3 a "good" to listen, CELLULAR ONE TOUGH AND DURABLE CUTE = D


I am very confused because my idea of buying a smartphone needs among which I cited came from the Galaxy Samsung Samsung 551 Vs 723 Wave, from the moment that I realized (with your help of course ) that the Galaxy 551 is exceedingly better than the Wave 723 came to the LG P500, within the same level is above the standards of the Galaxy 551.

Not long ago he was determined to buy the LG to be informed that LG OPTIMUS ONE has a good potential. AVI, while the HD due to its 600MHz processor * becomes sluggish, unless the resolution is decreased (the same happens done overclocked to 800MHz *???)

I saw that many consider the 1GHz processor * 4 inches and the minimum acceptable resolution for viewing videos ! Others claim that devices with 320x480 * 600 to 800MHz are not the best. But they are good ... err ...

Because of this I was looking at the Galaxy S, Xperia x10, Milestone 2 and LG Optimus Black. What is an "other ranks". I do not know whether there is another to rival those in systems and price point (of course, there are those who overcome). I do not know the difference between what is best in each and which one is better and better as well among my needs. I just am afraid of spending too much and I regret it '-'

By the end of the year because I think about ordering a Samsung S2 GALAXY (uie!) through a relative who lives in Belgium and by the time it cost me to l & # 225, and came from Europe, I believe, should cost much cheaper, no?

Should I buy the LG P500 OPTIMUS ONE and wait until the end of the year by Samsung S2 Galaxy;

Should I buy a device a little better, the Galaxy Ace and wait until the end of the year by S2;

Should I buy a Galaxy S1/Xperia x10/Milestone 2/Lg Optimus Black and wait until the end of the year by Samsung S2 Galaxy or not to buy the S2;

Should I take my chances with a slightly more expensive model, the Optimus 2x or Motorola Atrix and wait until the end of the year or not to buy the S2 s2;

Or should I continue with my Motorola W175 and ask for God's sake do not research it? '-'

PS: Remember that I am prioritizing CustoxBenefício; D

² PS: I hope to analyze the Smartphones in general and not only the title and if possible cite other cases in these terms is better!

ATT. Aragon ^ ^

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