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    Here are my problems. First of all, My wife and I are anh older couple, living on a "less than fixed income" (I'll explain that part if anyone is interested). My current service provider, Sprint offered me great service until I moved to my current home in 2004. But now, I have no phone service at my home (23833 zip code). I'm okay with this. I just limit my cell phone use to when I am away from home. Now, the rub, Sprint can not or will not offer me any plan with less than 550 minutes per month, of which I average using 20 minutes a month, and pay $77 a month for this. That works out to nearly $4.00 per minute. That 20 minutes is total usage for both phones, talk only with no internet access or texting. I absolutely have to find a cheaper way to go or just do away with my cell phones, But I do not want to do that because having the phones when away from home is a safety issue for both myself and my wife. We both need someway to call for help in the event of an accident or breakdown.

    I have searched virtually every prepaid option that I can find. I had narrowed things down to Tracfone, Consumer cellular and PagePlus. Then settled on Consumer cellular. But when I tried to sign up, they refused me service because they don't have service in my zipcode.(what is up with that?). Consumer CEllulay uses the AT&T network. I tried to explain that I wasn't interested in using my phone at home, but they were Adamant that they could not provide me with service.. Tracfone seems reasonable, but I have read a lot of really bad reviews about them. I looked at PagePlus simply because they use the Verizon network, and Verizon users do get some service at my home. But this seems to depend on what phone they are using and where they happen to be standing. I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer me any advive on the three providers I mentioned or suggest someone else I could try.

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    Re: What can I do, short of not having a phone?

    I would definitely go with a pre-paid option. If I were you I would definitely go with the one that has better service in your area.

    You may also want to look at Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

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    Con muchos de nuestros deseos, desafortunadamente, todo no es tan simple como parece. Antes de hacer esto, me parece que necesitas pensar en lo que realmente quieres. Realmente me gustaría tener un bebé, pero no puedo, así que confiaré WorldCenterOfBaby.es ya que he oído mucho sobre ellos. Realmente espero que todo esté bien. Me deseo suerte.

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