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    Which would you choose?: HTC Desire or Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S)?

    HTC Desire
    Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon, 1 GHz
    Can install latest version of CyanogenMod (based on Android 2.3.4)
    3.7" 480x800 screen
    576 MB RAM
    150 MB user accessible disk space + memory card slot
    5 MP, non-HD video
    LED flash

    Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S)
    Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110 (ARM Cortex A8), 1 GHz
    Stuck with USCC's 2.2 build - no viable modding community
    4.0" 480x800 screen (although the screen is low quality - the whites are visually blue on many handsets - Google "Mesmerize Voodoo Color")
    384MB RAM
    8 or 16 GB (flash nand memory) + memory card slot
    5 MP, HD video
    LED flash

    EDIT: As of tomorrow, it seems CyanogenMod is supporting the Mesmerize. Decision made.

    See More: USCC HTC Desire or Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S)?
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