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    A watch phone is not only used as an accessory since an ordinary wristwatch can be used for the same purpose. Basically, the main reason why it has achieve significant success for the past few years the advantages which it gives over an ordinary wristwatch and an ordinary cell phone. What are those advantages? Is that the question whose answer you'd like to find out? Most probably, yes! So let's take a closer look.

    Actually, the success of the so called watch phones could be much more predictable than most of the people think. The amount of people who shared the opinion that a mobile phone's only needed characteristic is "enabling you to make and accept phone calls". More and more people were not fond of all those phones having plenty of functions such as Bluetooth, mp3 player, front camera, back camera etc., which are never actually used. So it is the product that makes the difference. It is simple! The watch phone can be used for nothing else but making and accepting phones calls. That seems to have appealed to many more people than it could be ever expected. Moreover, that gives the watch phone some other significant advantages such as much long battery life and faster charging.


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