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    We ourselves are looking for deals around the web all the time, so that we can save money and have fun. The first place shows up in our mind would be eBay, and then probably Amazon. Yes, eBay is good source to get something cheap. As we know, many sellers on eBay are from china; so if we deal with china suppliers directly, we would save a little more. In current, Shopsimple is the most effective and safest channel to find deals from china suppliers. Of course this is just what's going on currently. Welcome to share your views.

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    Re: Where to get phone deals

    This website is 100% free and legit.U complete surveys and u get points which u can trade for stuffs(phones)If you cant find what your looking for u can do a custom order.For example...go to amazon and choose something u want to buy. Then send them the link n they will get it for u.
    100% free and legit check it out

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