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    [Lang = en] Problem Hello HERE Mon. I have an old cell phone and I want to make the changer UN Phone, Smart said. I contacted Illicit drugs and Company is very complicated to have information clearly. Let me explain, my needs are the following: 1 - Mon Manage calendar (Outlook compatible) drive I use Outlook for all LOT 2 - In the Phone, to be able to view technical documentation in PDF format (Many documents) 3 -. In the phone, be able to view Word documents and E; write Word documents and e Note the PC IN A transferable 4 - Being able to transfer files from my computer to cell-Mon (and vice versa) via the UN USB cable 5 - Ability to Speak and Listen UN calls via speaker and microphone AU Phone, THAT IS, to speak and listen A person who called me without the unit is close to my ear, hands free (telephone SP) President Tee ; Lephone No, not the ear. 6 - be able to record a phone conversation en The MP3 WAV ou and be able to transfer them to my PC more. 7 - Make a good photo taken and a portable computer Mon (Good Quality 8 - Ability to take a video with my phone and the power transferred to my PC afterwards (good quality 9 - I do not want to have the option of self Connected to the Internet a car I don 'use the Internet at home. 10 - I Do not fait de texto Can you help me SELLERS cars are still trying to sell me a few choice What I do not need and do not meet my Needs. I looked at the Nexus S and Optimus 2x LG drive I like this type of screen. But I'd like your opinions and advice Vos. Thank you in advance [email] steve.camire @ hotmail.com [/ email] [/ lang]

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    Re: NEED HELP choosing a phone

    I just like cheap Chinese phone. i an poor and I can't afford for the blackmerry or iphones. Chinese phones are good, i think.

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