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    I'm looking to buy a cheap phone right now
    I'm only using it for basic needs, such as talking.
    I dont want a contract
    Never had a phone before but this one i will only be using to talk like a couple times a month. Not really a phone guy but need it for circumstances
    I dont know much about phones but i am liking this type of deal where you "pay for whatever minutes you use up" rather than pay monthly or daily or yearly.

    Get Started - from AT&T = 10˘/Minute Plan

    But currently the phone is out of stock so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend me a cheap phone where you ONLY pay for the minutes you use

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    Re: phone plans

    thanks for the help dick ****s
    got my phone now

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    Re: phone plans

    Based on your needs, the offers of Just5 are ideal for you. Essentially, Just5 offers cell phones with simple features so the cost of these phones is also affordable. Just5 will not also bind you in a contract. Plus, there will be no activation fees or credit checks.

    The calling plan offers of Just5 will also allow you to make the most of your money. The lowest calling plan that this provider offers only cost $10 and this already includes 30 minutes. The minute expire in 90 days so you will practically spend $3.33 a month only for this plan. There are more calling plan options to choose from, you can check them on the company website.
    Simple and affordable cell phones and calling plans—Just5 Simple Features Phone
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