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    Hey guyz,

    I am just confused on buying smart phones?

    Somebody says Apple iPhone is best and some saying Android based smartphones. Anybody clarify me which one is the best to buy nowadays and more popular in the market today?

    Please tell me based on the features, configuration, apps, etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Reg. clarification on best smartphones

    Smartphones these days, you can get just about any App for any phone, any OS.
    The best phone for you will be based on what you need...

    Platforms & features:
    iphone is iOS, has the largest amount of Apple products, software, and services; Google services; limited carriers.
    Android is Google mobile OS based, deals with Google services, all carriers.
    Windows phone is Microsoft mobile OS based, deals with Microsoft services, all carriers.

    Functional options:
    Larger screen size requires two handed operations.
    Speed, memory, battery life, front camera

    Social networking:
    Facebook users favor iphone
    Google+ users favor Android
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