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    My cell phone is old. It's Siemens A56, made in Germany, with "Cingular" on the front. When I'm at home, "Network search" used to show up only once per a few days. Now it's about 50% of the time. I took out the battery and SIM card and blew air on them to clean away dust. It made no difference. I like this phone, very small in spite of limited functionality. Any suggestion to boost its capability to receive signals? It works fine outdoors. Thanks.

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    Re: Old phone keeps showing "Network search"

    I guss the signal is terrible at home ,many cell phone do also have this problem ,better or worse depends on the kind of your cell phone.
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    Re: Old phone keeps showing "Network search"

    I had to use this phone in the year 2007.Now a days this is very old model phone.When i was use it then i have faced the same problem.Then Customer care support of siemens company said that it is problem of network ic of the phone.

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