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    This is an easy way to convert any cellphone into a baby monitor or spy-like device. In order to do this, you will need:

    • A fully charged phone with auto-answer feature on an active wireless plan


    • Start off by inspecting your Audio/Volume options to make sure that the speaker is off.
    • Enable the Auto-Answer function on your cell phone.
    • Mute your microphone.
    • Set all incoming ringtones to silent. If your phone does not have a silent option, you can create or download a “silent ringtone” that will emit no sound.
    • Disable vibration; the phone at this point should not emit any sound or vibration when called or messaged.


    Place the cell phone in the desired location. Consider dimming or covering the screen up just in case you do not want any light from the screen being emitted when you use it later. You could conceal it inside an object with the mouthpiece of the phone sticking or facing outward. You may simply want to leave it out in the open.


    Now it is time to test the device. Place a call to the cell phone from preferably another cell phone so you can be in the room at the same time. Do a test; make some noise and see how well sound transfers through the recording cell phone to your cell phone that is calling. If successful, whenever you call:

    • It will automatically pick up the phone.
    • Nobody will hear anything because all sounds and vibrations are disabled.
    • If you have covered the screen, no light will be emitted and visible in dark rooms.
    • No one can hear you because the microphone is muted.
    • You can hear everything.

    Edit 1/2017:

    If you have an Android phone, check out this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...rophone.earspy

    See More: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device
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    Re: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device

    Should add that if the phone is not going to be attended it should be plugged in so the battery doesn't die. This could also get costly if you leave it on for a while and don't have unlimited voice.

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    Re: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device

    The phone should automatically hang up when you do; it would only be using minutes whenever you would be listening. Power is an issue; I thought about describing how to do that in the initial post but I didn't want to get too much into the covert spy scenario. You could place it in a semi-closed container, plug the charger into the device and fit it all inside the container and plug it to the wall, but that would probably be more noticeable. Many newer smart phones can be in standby for days, even weeks if they are not running any unnecessary programs in the background. If you are on a budget, it may be better to consider placing it somewhere where you have repeated access to the phone so that you can charge it as needed.

    As far as what phones will work, any phone as long as it has an auto-answer feature and the ability to disable vibration, sound and microphone. It should be able to pick up sound well, too.

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    Re: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device

    If you need a cheap way of listening to what's happening in a remote location, for instance if you want to check on your baby while she's sleeping, there's no need to buy expensive surveillance equipment or a purpose-built baby alarm. You can turn your mobile phone into a listening device that you can call up when you want to hear what's happening in another room or location.



    Connect your mobile phone to its charger and plug it into a power supply in the room you want to monitor. Make sure that the phone is receiving a strong signal.

    Plug the hands-free kit into the handset and set the phone's profile to silent, making sure that he vibrate function is off.

    Switch the phone to auto answer. Most phones have a function that will answer calls automatically when activated. For some makes and models, you may need to download an additional application. Check your phone's manual if you are unsure how to activate this function.

    Conceal the phone and any wiring if you do not want your listening device to be discovered.

    Go to a remote location and call the handset you have set up as a listening device. It will answer automatically and you will be able to hear what is happening where you have placed it.

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    Re: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device

    I want to place the spy phone in a car - how do I solve the power issue?

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    Re: Turn a Cell Phone Into A Remote Listening Device

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