As we know, iPhone SIM card only copy to iPhone, but iPhone can't copy it back to the SIM card with the former that is used for iPhone. We can find ways to begin by syncing your iPhone contacts over to Gmail, then move all of your iPhone contacts over to your Google account, which will be synced to your new Android device during it's initial setup.

Here I outline the ways that you can avail to transfer contacts easily and quickly to the new phone. The process of transferring the contacts may vary in accordance to the model and the OS of your handset, even Android Tablet or iPad. As mentioned, from iphone to android phone, or from android phone to iphone.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone, there is a simple initial load. Login to gmail and export your contacts to contacts.vcf . Then email contacts.vcf to your carrier provided account (for example: name#pm. theideasforgift dot com # of . Then open the attachment on iPhone and allow your iPhone to import all contacts. It's done.

Another, if you want to move other contents like music, video or ebooks from your previous mobile phone like iPhone to the brand new Blackberry or android phone, iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer at asoftmall can help you back up songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts, Folder Rule and more to any folder on your computer desktop directly with auto-scans your iPod, iPad or iPhone device when running. The details will then get transferred to your new phones from your computer. Besides, you can manage ipod/ipad/iphone contents together if you want.

For users of Windows Mobile, such as Samsung or HTC, Microsoft's Device Center or ActiveSync applications can be used to copy the contacts to your computer through Outlook. For transfer of contacts from a Windows Phone to another, it can be easily done with help of Microsoft's My Phone service. It's said the service will shut down, if so, it's really a pity if it really done for windows users.

Use Mobical, an online service that is available free and is also compatible with mobile phones like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc. All you need to do is setup the application in your old phone and create a backup of contacts in the cloud. Then again setup Mobical in your new handset and enjoy automatic download of all the contacts from the old to the new one.

If your mobile phone is internet enabled, then you can transfer mobile Phone Contacts via app online and it becomes much easier. You can transfer your contacts freely and will not even require the help of a computer, but have not for iphone yet.

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