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    I've been getting calls from this number for the past month or so about once a week despite being on do not call lists. Not to mention telemarketing companies are not supposed to call cell phones anyway.

    You first hear a pre-recorded messaging saying they are 'card services' and that you can reduce your debt, etc. Then it says to press one to talk to an operator. The first time I did this I didn't get anyone, the next time I was connected to person. When I asked to be removed from their list, they just hung up. If you call the number back it just disconnects.

    So what's going on? Simple. It's a good old "give us your information and we'll help you" scam. Except what they actually do is charge your credit card and open up new cards under your name. Identity theft and credit card fraud.

    In 2010 a company that sold an auto-dialing product, SBN Peripherals, was taken down by the FTC. They weren't the ones making the calls though and people running the scams simply started using another auto-dialer product. This same scam was even mentioned on cbs news a couple years ago.

    The tricky thing is there are probably several scammers using the same auto dialing system, the same recorded message, and same fake number (503-468-5545 is probably not the number actually being called from, but is being spoofed to show up on your called ID).

    Unfortunately the only thing you can do now short of blocking the number from calling you (different process depending on your carrier) is to file a compliant with the FCC. You can also file a compliant with the FTC. If enough people do this the FCC or FTC might actually do something about this.

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    Re: Calls from 503-468-5545 on cell phone - credit card scam

    Warning to all: Calls from 503-468-5545 = SCAM!!!

    Google search reveals several hits that report they are from the National Do Not Call Registry
    & ask for your number to remove from list...

    Another hit reports they offer last chance to lower credit card interest and asked to press 1....

    Do not call this number!
    But if you must...

    Enter their number! Not yours. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    My final answer:
    Save/Add the number to your contact list & add contact to blocked/ reject list.
    File a complaint here: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm
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