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    • Adjust Display Brightness

      Your screen is the heaviest user of battery life on your phone. To save extra battery life, go to Menu > Settings > Sound and Display and scroll to the bottom and select 'Brightness'. Use the slider to adjust the brightness of the screen; the dimmer the screen, the more battery life you save.

    • Adjust Screen Time Out

      Go to Menu > Settings > Sound and Display and scroll to the bottom and select 'Screen Timeout'. This will allow you to adjust the time the phone takes to turn the screen off after non-usage.

    • Power Control Widget

      There is a free program available which automatically balances power usage between many of the main power consumers on your phone: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Brightness. Note that the Power Control Widget will override any changes you may have already made to existing settings such as Brightness. This program is available via Use My Droid Home.

    • Advanced Task Killer

      Available via the Android Market, Advanced Task Killer will close any unnecessary apps that are still running on your Android phone. Background apps kill battery life, so it is important to run this program at least once per day to save on battery life. You can choose which specific apps you want to close or you can kill them all.

    • Change Live Wallpapers

      Live wallpapers are a huge drain on battery performance. Change your wallpaper to a static one by long-clicking the Menu button, then selecting 'Wallpaper'. Then select 'Wallpaper Gallery'/'HTC Wallpapers' and pick a new wallpaper.

    • Use Airplane Mode

      If you find yourself in an area with little or no reception, using Airplane Mode will preserve battery life. When you do not need internet or phone service and/or are in a service-barren area, activating Airplane Mode tells your phone to stop attempting to find service and essentially goes radio-silent. Activate Airplane Mode by holding your power button down for 5-7 seconds. You will be prompted with several options; select 'Airplane Mode'.

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    Re: 6 Tips to Get The Most Battery Life Out of Your Android Phone

    Advanced Task Killer
    Too many thumbs down articles on these apps.
    They interfere with the smartphone proccess:
    Task killer stops apps unexpectedly, smartphone starts them back up...
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