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    Hi there

    I'm thinking of buying a new smartphone and I've narrowed my choices down to the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the new iPhone 4S. From what I can see, the iPhone wins hands down in terms of usability, music support, number and quality of available apps and access to operating system upgrades so on that basis I was thinking of going for the 4S.

    They match on camera specs, and the Galaxy S2 CPU is clocked a little higher and has a slightly bigger screen, but I just know from past experience (Europa and Galaxy Mini) that Samsung Android phones tend to be buggy and because Android upgrades are distributed via your network provider rather than the phone manufacturer, they tend to arrive late, if at all.

    I'm just wondering if other people have a different take on this or if the Galaxy S2 has some amazing features that I'll miss out on with the iPhone?

    See More: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S
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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    Go to your carriers store, website, Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, or shopping mall Kiosk and chat with a rep there.
    This way you can get first hand info to compare the two.

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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    So, the iPhone 4S, the latest and greatest Apple phone is finally here… and it doesn’t really do most of the things that everyone has been expecting it to! Sure, it has a faster processor and a bigger camera, but overall things have not changed a bit – the software features can easily run on the older generations of the iPhone without problems, and Apple is actually going to disable the Siri app on all the iPhone 3and 4’s out there on October 15th, just because it is now a selling point of the iPhone 4S. Not cool at all, Apple.

    Meanwhile, in the Android world, by far the most widely recognized flagship device is the Galaxy S2 from Samsung – it’s extremely fast, has a beautiful exterior and an amazing display, plus of course all the features you will ever need. If you’re interested in how these two devices stack up against each other, then read on!

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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    I agree with jacob11.He is absolutely right.

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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    I would prefer the Samsung but it's your choice in the end. As far as the music support is concerned, you could install an app that fits your needs, there are tons of free music apps out there.

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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    I prefer Galaxy S2 in this case.
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    Re: Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

    Author, what do you mean saying that you need "music support"? All modern smartphones support multiple music formats. Don't be a music maniac looking for a cell-player capable to play kinds of exotic music formats. Choose smartphone wisely. Music should be a third or even fourth priority, if at all. Today customers shouldn't worry about it. But don't choose those manufacturers, who think that they know better what their customers need and decide for you how you should live. Sorry for philosophy) Just be smart.

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