1. Viewing Documents You can view pdf, excel, ppt, word and text documents on your Pantech Pocket. To do so, navigate to 'Applications > Document Viewer'. Select and tap a folder where you have the document you wish to view stored. Next, select and tap the specific document. You can zoom in by holding the zoom button and dragging up, and you can zoom out by dragging down. There are two buttons with two arrows: one set of horizontal and one set of vertical. These can be used to fit the document to the length or width of the screen.

2. Using the Phone As Mass Storage You can copy files between the computer and the microSD card on the phone. Navigate to 'Applications > Settings'. From here, navigate to 'Storage > USB Mode' and make sure USB debugging is off. Now select 'Mass Storage > Turn on USB storage > OK'. You can now select and copy phones from the phone to the PC. Tap 'Turn Off USB Storage' when finished copying files and then disconnect the phone from the computer.

3. Create A Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot You can enable your phone to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five other devices. To do this, navigate to 'Applications > Settings' and then 'Wireless & networks > Tethering and portable hotspot'. Tap 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot'. The phone can now offer the internet connection to other devices around you.

4. Sharing Contact Information Did you know you can share a contact's information through a variety of different ways? Simply navigate to 'Applications > Contacts' and press and hold on a contact. The 'Share' option will appear; select this and you will be given the option to share via Bluetooth, Gmail or Text Messaging.

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