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    I just recently upgraded my old G'Zone, to the Ravine 2. Overall I like it, however, texting with it is very annoying! It seems to want to put the word it thinks I will like next, into my conversations when replying to someone, citing previous text messages. Note, this s not the T9 word function, it is something entirely different. I have found no option to disable this, no mention of it in any of the user manuals. Anyone else noticed this, or had any luck disabling it?


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    Re: G'Zone ravine 2, annoyance, wondering if its possible to disable!

    Predictive MODE.
    T9 Word mode incorporates a built-in-dictionary to determine a word based on the
    entered characters. A word can be entered more quickly by pressing each key once per
    This is from the manual.
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    Re: G'Zone ravine 2, annoyance, wondering if its possible to disable!

    It's not the T9 mode, I can manually select T9 in the entry mode and T9 will turn on. With T9 mode turned off, my phone will act like this when replying:

    Say if I send a message to someone and ask "what time do you get of work?"
    When they reply, and I go to reply to their message, say if I want to type, "What time do you want to hang out?" Whatever this is will act like this:
    I can start typing "what, hit the space button and it will automatically try to reference previous messages without me typing any characters for the next word, it happens when I ht the space button. What_time. It really annoys me, and I can't find any way to disable it. If I keep hitting space, this thing can go ahead and write out a whole random sentence!

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