Poor Reception

Your network signal may be too weak where you are located because of lack of coverage, structure interference or the network could be overloaded at the moment. Move to a location where the network signal can be reached in an efficient manner or wait for a short period and try making your call again.

Echo or Noise

This can be caused by either poor network trunk quality on the part of your service provider or poor local telephone line quality. Press the Power/End Key and dial again. You may be switched to a better-quality network trunk or phone line.

Cannot Select Certain Features

Your service provider does not support these features or you have not applied for services that provide these features. Contact your service provider to enable these services for use.

Battery Won't Charge

It can be one of several things. Either the battery or battery charger is damaged, the phones temperature is below 32F (0C) or higher than 113F (45C) or there is weak contact between the battery and charger. You can fix these issues by either calling the manufacturer/dealer if the item is defective, moving the phone to a warmer/cooler environment or by checking all connections to make sure the battery, phone, charger and power outlet are all secure.

Phone Won't Turn On

If the phone will not turn on, most likely the battery is drained and needs recharged. Attach the phone to its charger and allow the battery to be replenished.

SIM Card Issues

If you are receiving a SIM card error, the SIM card may be damaged, installed improeperly or came loose or there may be dust/debris on the SIM card contacts. Remove the SIM card, blow out the slot on the phone and reinstall the card. In the instance of coming loose or debris, this should fix the issue. If you continue to get the error after installation, see your dealer in order to have the phone inspected.

Unable to Connect to the Network

Either the SIM card is invalid, you are outside the service area or you have poor signal. Refer to the 'SIM Card Issues' and 'Poor Reception' areas above to try these issues to see if it corrects the problem. If your SIM card is actually invalid (without service), then you will need to contact the service provider to establish service.

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