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    first off i know there's other threads about unlocking cdma phones but it has nothing conclusive in it. i don't want to hear 'it cant be done' because yes, it can. so don't bother posting that. I'm taking an lg optimus s and a samsung sph-m901 from sprint to boost, this is the one area I've noticed that there is the least amount of resistance. however sprint will not help me, they wont even hear me out they told me today at the corporate office if i can figure out the unlock code i can do whatever i want with it but they will not give it to me. there are a few ways to do this but that's where I'm stuck. i know how to get into the unlock menus but i don't have the preset unlock code. i know the code is either based off of either the esn or the meid. so what are the ways to obtain said unlock code,

    someone on the inside that can access the database that's willing to risk there job = unlikely
    spend hours and hours guessing = even more unlikely
    calculators = easy to use hard to find
    dig threw the programming with a questionable program = need to be technologically inclined. which i am.

    here's what I've learned, it takes a code to get into the menus to put in the msl/unlock code. the code is a 6 digit number. some kind of mathematical equation can figure out based on the service provider(i have a calculator for metro pcs... doe-sent help me). so what im asking for is if you have anything to add throw in what you know. maybe we can figure this out for everyone with the issue and possible make a how to on it for future generations.

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    Re: cdma unlock

    You wrot it so complecated. Try to explain in simple form unless you will not get a reply

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