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    Today people are looking for ways to cut their expenses and discover another method of earning a additional income to compliment what they are already doing.

    LightYear Wireless has partnered up with two major carriers(Verizon&Sprint) in the United States to support the actual phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and picture message. I know what your thinking...."How Good is the service" "Will i get the same great coverage as my current provider". The answer is....YES. Over the holidays my fiance and I traveled from Houston to West Virginia.At the beginning of our trip I was bit nervous about the coverage I would receive from Lightyear traveling across country. My fiancé is pregnant and I wanted to make sure that we had coverage just so we can update our loved ones regarding our position while traveling. Our Destination was West Virginia and leaving from Houston would take us approximately 21 hours of windshield time. We hit the road traveling on I-10 east and I have my HTC Detail in Hand just so that I can monitor the signal while snacking on some pretzels and chugging a Mountain Dew. We make it to Mississippi for a pit stop to relax over night and the coverage along the trip was great. Occasionally there was a couple of times it lost signal but this was to be expected especially in the areas were civilization was non existing. We jump back on the road the next morning and travel through beautiful places such as Mississippi, Alabama, Nashville , and Gods Country West Virginia. The coverage along our trip was phenomenal! Of course there were times that coverage was non existence but…I think the only network that would of worked 100% would be Gods Network.

    See More: Great Coverage and Free 4G(www.awirelessrevolution.org)
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    Re: Great Coverage and Free 4G(www.awirelessrevolution.org)

    Hi kourtney48,

    I am also a Lightyear Wireless customner too. Glad to see another customer on this forum. I see this was your first post here to share about Lightyear Wireless coverage.

    Glad to hear that it had coverage in all those places you went on your trip. I have yet gone on a trip to test it. But it works just fine for me in the south east Michigan area.

    Just to let you know, we have a topic here just for us Lightyear Wireless customers to hangout to share our stories like you just did here about Lightyear Wireless. Here is a link to that topic that is located on this forum.


    We are looking forward on communicating with you there about Lightyear Wireless.

    Thank you,
    Tony Johnson

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