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    I upgraded to a Drioid Bionic and canceled my wife's simple flip phone because she averaged less than 10 minutes per month. Some months it was never turned on. I'd like a pay as you go plan with 100 minutes that lasts a year, but that's not going to happen. Verizon's pay as you go isn't cheap

    Looking at tracphone, for about $20 bucks you get a phone with 60 minutes for 90 days use. You can buy more minutes for $10 bucks to get another 60 minutes and there are some "double minute" deals.

    My wife wants the following

    1. Ability to make calls in an emergency
    2. take simple pictures of the grandkids.

    I understand that coverage on tracphones isn't the best, but she can live with that given her usage.

    She does not want to text, web browse, email or any app stuff.

    I saw several phones with VGA pictures. And some with "X" megapixel camera.

    Can anyone tell me which model offered by tracphone would fit her needs the best?

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    Re: Help looking for cheapest phone

    I also have a cell phone that is just for emergency's, I would recommend the Samsung T101G or Kyocera K 126C.

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