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    Hi all Just wanted to post a little video review I did of a pretty nice phone from a company called BLU. They are quite big in Latin America, apparently, and they have just recently expanded into the United States. At first they put out the usual assortment of Dumb phones, of which I picked up one called the Spark that I got for free with a refill card purchase for T-Mobile. I actually found it to be a pretty tough phone with just enough features to keep my attention. So when they released what looks like their flagship phone, called the Studio 5.3, I checked around online to see if any info was available for it....and found almost nothing. When I saw that Extensys had them for sale, I decided to take a chance and bought one for around $260.00US. I have done a review of what I found out about this really nice, well made android 2.5.3, Dual Sim, unlocked GSM phone. Let me know what you think

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    Re: BLU Studio 5.3 Unlocked Phone/Tablet Video review

    olá vc sabe oque posso fazer meu blu studio esta bloqueado pedindo o meu gmail só que eu esquece, vc sabe em que site encontro o hard reset pra ele ?

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    Re: BLU Studio 5.3 Unlocked Phone/Tablet Video review

    The video not loading for me . i m not sure about the error.. however appreciate your review
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