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    Hello All,

    I got ripped off about 1 1/2 years ago, buying a "new" used Apple 3GS. It has had several problems, and problems still arising.
    It is an unlocked phone, and way beyond warranty.

    I hate Apples policy of not selling replacement parts (even if I wanted to pay their prices).

    My question is, how common is this among other manufacturers? Are parts for an HTC, just as an example, easy to get?

    Any views on which phones have good reliability records?

    I want a smart phone, and obviously willing to try out an Android OS, but even with Android I understand there are mobile carriers locking the OS so that it cannot be upgraded, and putting lots of bloatware on.

    My only absolute requirement is that I find a phone I can drop my SIM card into, so that I am not forced into a contract.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: reliability and parts availability of different phone brands

    I would take a look at any newer Samsung Android GSM phone. You can easily unlock it and do just as much stuff as you could with an iPhone. As far as I know most phones have replacement parts available.

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