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    Someone sent me a picture and said that their phone was in their pocket and must have "butt text" the picture to my phone. I thought you had to 1) unlock your phone if it's locked, 2) select the camera key, 3) select the picture, 4) select the person or insert the picture to the text your sending the text to, 5) send the picture?

    Seems like way too many steps to "butt text" a pic.

    See More: Can a blackberry or iphone "butt text or butt dial" pictures?

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    Re: Can a blackberry or iphone "butt text or butt dial" pictures?

    I had the same excuse given me. I got a picture from a blackberry blank picture I responded to person with a ? They sent picture again it was gray I told them its blank no response. The next day I asked what picture were they trying to send and they claimed butt dial. I call BS because why send it again when I put a question mark?? And it was definitely an image and the person had just texted me a then 2 images? They had a blackberry. Just think its suspect. How bout anyone else?

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