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    I have been on Auto-pay ever since I set up my card to Cricket, with no issues at all.

    Then, a year ago Cricket suddenly started not taking my payments. Never had any issues before. And, no, my card is not an option here. There are more than sufficient funds. That is not the issue.

    I called them, they said don't worry, ignore the text messages saying that I will lose service. I lost service. So I had to call and manually pay my bill. And have had to do so for a year now. Each time I call them they say they have my card and there is no explanation as to why this keeps happening.

    Is everyone at Cricket a moron??? I am beginning to suspect this is on purpose, to get an additional $2.00 per month processing fee out of me. An FCC complaint is next, I guess???

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    Re: Cricket Billing Issues...Ad Nauseam.......

    Maybe remove the card from the account. Then add the same card back to the account.
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    Re: Cricket Billing Issues...Ad Nauseam.......

    Good, logical suggestion. I shall try it.
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