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    Everyone should know that T-Mobile is actively blacklisting phones that people do not pay their bills on. So if someone buys a phone on a contract and does not pay their bill, T-Mobile will block the imei for that phone so that no one will be able to use that phone with any sim card. From what i heard att used to do this but stopped. IM HOPING T-Mobile WILL TOO BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE SELL PHONES THAT HAVE UNPAID BILLS!!! THIS HURTS ALL OF THE DOMESTIC CELL PHONE BUSINESSES.

    See More: tmobil blacklist

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    Re: tmobil blacklist

    Not only will they block the phone, but they will block the number as well.
    So your number you had on 5 different phones for the past 10 years could be held hostage due to an unpaid bill.
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