I bought a Garminfone in the United States about a year ago, and now I live in Germany. About a month ago I got it unlocked so I could use any SIM card. Well, when I bought my new SIM card and added credit to it, my phone kept eating my credit for no reason. I believed that this was an internet problem. So I decided to turn off wi-fi, delete all apps that interacted with the internet and I knew that I also had a couple of synced accounts on the phone (Google and Facebook). In order to delete these, I could only wipe the memory off my phone, and I knew this would not take long since I had did it few times before (before my phone was unlocked). After I did it, my phone turned on and it asked for an unlock code!

So, do you think that I am going to need to pay again to unlock the phone? As far as I know, the Garminfone can only be unlocked with an unlock code(?) So, do you guys think that the guy that unlocked for me can use the same code to unlock it (I am assuming he ordered a code or something since he said he ordered something, but exactly what, I don't know)?

I am just extremely nervous and need help!

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