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    I somehow got water all over my phone from a water bottle. It's a Motorola Atrix. However, I did make the mistake of trying to turn it back on after simply drying it off with a towel, I didn't put it in a bag of rice until later. It's been about a day and my phone will work when the battery is out and plugged into the charger (it shows an image of a battery with a question mark), and it seems to be fully functional with the battery in as well. Few problems, though. The phone will only stay working when plugged into a charger, and when unplugged, it only lasts about 15 minutes and turns off and I have to plug it into a charger to turn it on again. It isn't able to detect my "SD card" either, since the icon on hte left corner doesn't go away. Other than those issues, the phone is able to recognize my SIM card, and work fine. Is the battery all that's broken and should I look into buying a replacement? Or is the actual phone itself broken and should I just look into purchasing a whole new one?

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