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    Charging the battery

    The rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes with your phone is ready to use but is not charged. Thatís easy to do. The first three times you use the battery, make sure itís completely drained before recharging and then recharge it fully. That will help to ensure its optimum performance and a long life.

    1. Connect the charger to your phone and plug it into an 110V/220V socket.
    2. The battery indicator in the corner of the screen will scroll up and down to show you itís charging. Please donít worry if the phone and charger become warm while charging. Thatís completely normal.
    3. When fully charged, the battery indicator will stop scrolling.
    4. Disconnect the charger from your mobile and unplug.

    Inserting the battery

    1. Open the battery cover on the back of your phone.
    2. Align the battery's contact points with those of the phone and gently press the battery down into place.
    3. Replace the battery cover clicking it back into position.

    Removing the battery

    1. Switch off your phone.
    2. Open the battery cover.
    3. Lift the battery up and out of your phone.

    Inserting a memory card

    1. Open the memory card cover on the right side of the phone and insert a memory card.
    2. Push tightly until the card is installed in the right position and close the cover.
    3. Before you take out the card, please open the cover and press the card inward to unlock.

    Switch to sleep mode

    Sleep mode is a kind of power-saving mode, which prevents against inadvertent operations. If your phone has been in idle mode for a while, it will automatically switch to sleep mode. You can also press the Power key to turn off the screen and enable sleep mode. Within 15 minutes after the screen is switched to Sleep mode, the network will automatically disconnect; as the screen is awakened from Sleep mode, the network will connect again.

    Wake up your phone

    After the phone switches to sleep mode, the screen will be turned off and locked. In this case please awake your phone and unlock the screen if you want to use your phone.

    1. Press the Power key to turn on the screen.
    2. Drag the icon to the right to unlock the screen. If you've set an unlock pattern or password, you need to draw the unlock pattern or input the password to enter the main interface. (For details, please see Settings > Location & security > Set up screen lock > Pattern/Password).

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    Re: Battery, Memory and Standby Functions on the ZTE Score M

    Hmmm agree with your suggestions. But my problem is usually i don't wait for completely drained battery before recharging and in most cases it can not be possible to recharge fully for many reasons. So now i am afraid of the longevity of my battery..
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