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    So last night at 2:45 am my friend called me. I didn't pick up, then I did, because they called immediately after. When I answered, it was a robotic voice saying "Hello. You're on the air with DJ Mike (I believe it was Mike). I hung up my phone and went to bed. My friend denied calling me, and said a lady called him later angry at why he had called her too.

    Then, tonight I got a phone call from someone with an African accent, saying they were trying to find my house to deliver pizzas and sodas. Their phone was cutting out, and I said they had the wrong number and hung up. It was a local number on my caller ID, but not one on my friends list.

    Then tonight, I got TWO calls from people on my caller ID, one a cell phone and I BELIEVE one a land line, with a call saying they are my neighbor and want their newspaper back. I didn't say anything, and the guy on the phone (the robot voice, which is the same voice as the DJ one, I believe) starts trying to start a fight, hoping your reaction is to yell at him.

    So, I don't know if I have a phone virus or what. I just have a Pantech Breeze iii flip phone, I have no idea if I can even get a virus. Is there a way to virus check my phone? (Not by downloading something, I'd hope).

    Has anyone heard of these calls lately? I can't find anything about them online.


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    Re: Getting bot prank calls from "friends"?

    It sounds like maybe someone you know had their number spoofed. A 'virus' wouldn't be making calls, but would just screw up the software on the phone.

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    Re: Getting bot prank calls from "friends"?

    OMG! It's really scary. Never heard such problem before.
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