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    I need help ...

    Today I have a SAMSUNG B7722 (DUAL CHIP), which is showing some innumerable problems after 11 months

    use, so I'm nervous about SAMSUNG and don't even want to hear more on this lock.

    With this, I need a new DUAL CHIP Now ANDROID, to use chips VIVO and TIM (with net of 0.50/day).

    Doing some research I found two models that I drew attention, because they are ANDROID, however, because

    my ignorance on the matter I rely on you guys to help me in choosing my new SMARTPHONE.

    The templates that were interested in me

    -Motorola Defy Mini Xt320
    -LG Optimus Dual Net P698

    I'm intending to spend up to a $ 800 with this appliance.

    I won't play at cel, I will use the net.

    I saw that LG has faster processor, on the other hand, it doesn't have FLASH and don't have chip concurrent enrollment (when

    uses an the other is inactive), motorola supports FLASH, has a 512 MB memory, a battery that looks

    be more powerful, just couldn't figure out if it's concurrent enrollment or not.

    In view of all that I said, which you indicate me apparatus? May be some other not cited here, less

    SAMSUNG, to outside of this brand.

    I look forward!

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    Re: Motorola Defy Mini Xt320 or LG Optimus Dual Net P698???

    Motorola Defy Mini Xt320, a única coisa bacana que achei nesse celular, para ser sincero foi o Gorila Glass,
    que é um vidro anti-risco e que aquenta leves pancadas.. o resto não me atraiu.

    O LG P698f, tem dual chip, processador mais rápido, você vai gostar... além de estar num excelente preço.

    Tenho e recomendo.

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