Logistics! Logistics! Logistics!

Walked around for two hours last night looking for a decent place to eat. I have been against smart phones bc I am really hard on my stuff. I hike and have a million outdoor hobbies.

Me and a wing had three 8's receptive sets. Neither of us wanted to insta date bc we weere starving. GPS would of fixed this.

I'm a big advocate of taking wing girls who can turn into an SNL. Had one set up, she canceled, didn't make back up plans. A SHB sent me an email on the place she was hangging out at all night. Lost her number couldn't access my email. A smart phone would of SNL an SHB fml .

I need a smart phone that is super durable. Which Black Berry is the most durable? Is there anything more durable than a Blackberry.

I want a GPS system for walking/driving. I want to be able to save my vehicle as a point to find it later, view lat and lan areas, as well as save other important points. Also want it to work for driving so a Taxi can't rip me off by going the long way.

My one friend uses his GPS on silent when with a girl. He has her drive and she usually finds it interesting that he looks like he knows his way around. I would prefer a turn by turn with street names out loud.

I don't need crazy fancy, crazy fast, just need it for logistical purposes. It would also be nice to be able to google stuff when in field.

I have T-Mobile right now............. Want unlimited talk, text, and decent ammount of internet minutes. Any ideas???

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