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    I wanted to let the community aware of a new awesome website where users can make ringtones from youtube and dailymotion videos. Users can send these ringtones to their cellphones for free!..

    Users can also create ringtones from the indie artists music thats listed on the website as well. This is a great awesome website!!

    Free Ringtone and Music Creator Website. Create from Youtube and Dailymotion Videos

    Remember the name uwmixradio dot com. Google it..

    See More: Youtube and Dailymotion Ringtones

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    Re: Youtube and Dailymotion Ringtones

    Hello, can I download an Indian music there?

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    Re: Youtube and Dailymotion Ringtones

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessiii View Post
    Hello, can I download an Indian music there?
    Hello, Jessi, I'm not sure that you will be able to download Indian music on thay site, I have never tried it yet. Instead of it, I want to propose you to have a glance at these royalty free Indian music tracks on https://soundhills.com/royalty-free-...library/indian. Look at it and please write me your opinion about it. Do you like it or maybe I should search for something else?

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