I'm due for a new cell phone, but I'm so in love with the features I had on my previous phone, which I hated to give it up. I was able to designate a specific ring tone for each contact, and ANOTHER ring tone for that contact's text messages. I primarily use my phone for texting, having one text alert no matter who sent the text is NOT an option for me to deal with for another 2 years.

I'm having the hardest time finding out what phones (any style, any features) have this option.

If this is a dead option that doesn't exist on any new phones (though it's fab and should be included in all) I would be willing to have a phone where I can assign a ringtone to a contact and have the same ringtone tell me when that contact called or texted.

Is anyone familiar enough with the Verizon phones, pdas, blackberry, etc that they can tell me what model numbers I should look for for this feature? Any help would be great.

And I had my heart set on an Iphone 4s for a while, but all my friends tell me to go the opposite way.

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