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    I'm from India so some cell phones that work in the U.S. or available there might not be available here or work here.

    I need some specific features in a mobile which I wish to buy sometime very soon. I'm listing the must have features followed by the features that would be good to have or a plus.

    A flip phone is preferred but if not available, a bar or slider phone is fine. Budget is about USD 250.

    Must-have features:

    1. Loud and good music quality like the Nokia 5800-XpressMusic.
    2. Support for 32 GB microSD card.
    3. Be able to set multiple alarms (at least 6) even for one day. And the alarms should be able to repeat hourly. Also, should be able to use or select which MP3 file to play for each alarm.
    4. The Music UI should not be slow even when using a 32 GB microSD card. The scrolling in the playlist, the gallery (memory card) and in the contacts should be fast.
    5. Fast-forwarding and rewinding of audio and video should be fast and not take very long to do.
    6. Should have high battery life, and have at least 1320mAH battery.
    7. At least 5 hours of music playback using the built-in speakers and at least 10 hours of talk-time.
    8. Should have torch light. Some phones have a camera flash and use it as a torch light too. That would do fine.
    9. Should be able to mark and delete muliple SMS and files. Nokia X2-02 doesn't have this feature.
    10. Atleast 2000 contacts and SMS storage, better unlimited.
    11. Should have at least BlueTooth 2.0 with A2DP

    Good to have features:

    1. At least 2 MP camera, 3 MP would be better and flash would be an added advantage but not a must have.
    2. FM should work with built-in antenna.
    3. Should be able to record FM.
    4. Should be able to record calls.
    5. Memory card should be hot-swappable and removable from the side and not under the battery.
    6. WiFi support would be a plus too, 3G not needed but don't mind it if it comes along with the WiFi.
    7. Document viewer and editor would be a plus.

    Not very important but these features would be nice too:

    1. Photo viewer should have a slideshow feature, and previous and next buttons. Also should be able to view photos in landscape mode.
    2. Should be able to view 3GP and Xvid/DivX MP4 videos.
    3. Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and A2DP would be a plus.
    4. Internal phone memory should (user memory) should be at least 50 MB.
    5. Easily accessible volume keys and music keys.
    6. The music player should remember which song was played last.
    7. Should have ToDo list, Notes, Alarms, Reminders, Calendar, Calculator.
    8. Should have updates to the firmware available.
    9. Custom wallpapers support.
    10. Support for adding custom ringtones
    11. List contacts by phone or by SIM
    12. Support for contact groups.
    13. Multiple numbers for each contact.
    14. The shortcut keys should be customizable.
    15. SMS and Phone number reject list or block lists.

    All help appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Is there a Phone with all of these long list of features?

    Among the dual sim card Nokia mobile phones, there are 4 models. Out of these, 3 models i.e. Nokia Asha 200, Nokia C2-00 and Nokia 101 have keypads. Nokia C2-03 is a touch screen model. These phones provide the user 2 technologies together- touchscreen as well keypad. This gives the user choice of using both the technologies. The user can decide when he wants to use the keypad and when he wants to use the touchscreen.

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