So i ordered 2 free phones, a samsung exhibit 2 4g and a apple iphone 3gs (samsung T-Mobile iphone att)

Witch 1 of these phones would be the better choice to keep? most stable and lagg less.
Im not really interested in playing games on my phone i got a ps3 for playing games.

I like to text alot and talk occasionally.
Most of the time when i web browse i will be doing it via wifi at my house but also very occasionally while im at work.

All i really want is a phone that will be stable and work really good for about a year until i can get my money situation back together, after then ill buy either a unlocked phone or a phone from the company at a no commitment price.

I tired asking howard forums all they did was disregard my comments and tell me how there both trash and i should only get a iphone 4s or a Samsung galaxy s2.

If i had the money id get a better phone but i dont so my options are kind of that. What would be the better choice?

(dont base your suggestion of the samsung being 4g capable because i dont have 4g in my area so itll be on 3g)

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