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Even though this was a very old post...

The rice method is like first aid for your phone until you get it properly disassembled and cleaned. Sometimes it works but usually you will run into problems later on depending on which components came into contact with the liquid. Avoid blowing air directly into the phone as it can drive moisture even deeper inside the inner shielding and become trapped. A vacuum would be a better option if you can figure out a good way to make some sort of seal around one of the entry points. Definitely avoid heat as it can quicken the corrosion process. The problem beyond corrosion is that even water is far more impure than you think and leaves traces of these impurities behind even after the phone dries out. Drinks like Gatorade are especially bad because they contain electrolytes which conduct electricity very well. Salt water is one of the worst things that there is for electronics for this reason. I could give you a few more tips if I knew what kind of phone you have.
Thank you for the information.

I really think they should make more phones water resistant. That would solve a lot of problems.

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