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    LG 500G Black

    I'm looking for suggestions on which smartphone to buy.

    Continuing a long process of downsizing, I'd like to move completely over to a phone for all my Internet use. The only strong preference I have is for long battery life, since I'll be using the phone a lot. I have a lesser preference for Android, and lesser still for a physical keyboard (only because I assume that it'd be better for heavy use, but maybe I'm wrong).

    Please, ask me anything that will help you to help me.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Seeking advice

    Welcome to CellPhoneForums.net! It's nice to have you here!

    Do you want a contract or prepaid provider? If you can post your approximate usage, in minutes, text messages, and megabytes of data, that would help. Also, what is your price range?

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